The New Healing Methods of the Age of Aquarius 2

The INSHA II training conveys the transformation of material body structures into crystal light structures.

Karmic structures are transformed. The body is supported with crystalline energy and therefore is able to self-renew. Cells remember their ability to regenerate. On account of the many environmental factors influencing us, this had been hardly possible before. During the training an enormous light ascension occurs, which clears the path to self-awareness.

The new healing methods make it possible to give the body back original information of health in form of crystalline energy, which are stored in the planetary structures. Thereby healing on all levels becomes possible and the human mind experiences a re-focusing. In the Age of Aquarius, great powers are going to be released, which will become accessible to participants during the course of the training. The light process of the ascending consciousness brings with it the transformation of the material structures of the body into crystal light structures. The channeling of light between consciousness and the human body is established again.

In the time of Atlantis, the body, consciousness and light detached themselves and could no longer be experienced as a complete unit. The crystal structures, that were inherent in our bodies as light back then, began to diminish. It is time for the crystal structures of light and the consciousness in the human body to be re-awakened and to be transformed. Many modern reactions and disease patterns of the body can be traced back to the light and the body not being connected.

The INSHA II training lasts 21 days and is split into 3 parts. During the first part, you’ll learn how to release remnant structures of karma in the body, which manifest themselves as disease patterns, physical and psychological appearances. Once the body is freed from these karmic remnants, you will experience the functioning of the crystal structures in the body during the second part. Also how these can be re-activated to bring body and light into balance.

The training INSHA II

The healing priest II symbolizes the physical mastery in the new age. Agni

Crystallization of the organs

Before the body can be crystallized, an entire new orientation of all body structures and a thorough cleansing process takes place.
Our course starts off with the reminiscence and the activation of the knowledge how to work with liquid- crystalline light in the body. We are going to renew the connection to our ancient knowledge of the crystalline pyramid in Atlantis, which was the healing priest’s place for healing and education. It is the connection to the deeper levels of the sources of healing and to the concealed knowledge about crystal healing that originates from the deeper levels of the Himalaya.

The training leads to the development of our own crystalline structures and to the dissolution of false programmed structures in the various bodies.
The establishment of the connection to the planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Uranus, Moon, Venus, Chiron, Sedna.
While we are cleansing the organs and while we are dissolving revenant structures and patterns in our emotional and our causal body recurring patterns which lead to diseases symptoms can be dissolved. The preparation of the organs for the crystallization has also the effect that the organs are becoming lighter and that all organ structures are adjusted to light. They are also adjusted to the connection with the divine origin and the insight that in times of origin the organs have been lightful organs which controlled light processes in the body.

Gilding of the organs – can also be done with other parts of the body and can be done in an individual treatment. Preparation for dissolution of karmic entanglement in the subtle bodies. To uncover organs from impurity, they are embedded in golden light and flushed through.
– This makes happy
– Patterns of ancient times are dissolved
– Old issues can be worked through
– New communication with the organs is possible

Follow- up treatments:
Irradiate weak organs with energy from the planets. Harmonization of the brain waves and the body via crystals in the brain and the thymus.

Crystallization of the liver

The liver controls the initiation cycles of the body and takes care of the karmic cycles. In connection with liquid- crystalline structures of Saturn, it transforms the consciousness of human being. Initiation cycles are re- activated and thus healing power develops through conscious light initiation. With the crystallization of the karma rings in the liver, a new light flow that originates from higher levels is built up.

Crystallization of the spleen

The crystallization of the spleen helps the being to integrate his/her light easier and at the same time to have a better access to the paths of light and the spiritual connections. Thus aspects of fulfilment are again stimulated in the light body. The being is capable to absorb the light in his/her body and to build up a connection to the spiritual world.

Crystallization of the colon

The colon is a dynamic organ with which we are connecting the dynamics of the inner and outer world. With the crystallization of the colon a harmonious balance between the inner and the outer world of the human being is created. The colon is brought in harmonious degree with the personality.

Crystallization of the kidneys

The kidneys have been originally one organ. But in the dissociation of polarity, the kidney disrupted into two organs, one male and one female. Crystallization helps to bring conflicts and discrepancies back into unity. If a person is opening itself deeply, difficulties with polarity and “wrong” levels of crystallization can be dissolved and removed from the kidneys (→ kidney stones).

Crystallization of the lungs

The lung controls the metal element in the body. Most people have far- reaching disturbances through the loss of light in the metal element. With the Crystallization we can go in contact with our original light potential and our light body again. The longing for the light is going to be fulfilled. Addictions, deprivations and abstinence can be let go. With the crystallization the being is connected to the light body more consciously, thus light and consciousness in the human body are no longer perceived separately.

Crystallization of the stomach

The crystallization of the stomach helps with eating disorders, as well as with latent dissatisfaction of the being with its own life and the corresponding disease symptoms. It brings the gastric juices in harmony.

Crystallization of the heart

This helps to widen constricted cardiac chambers, and to harmonize the rhythm between the heart chambers. Heart constrictions and bad burn rate in the heart region can be opened up again and brought into flow. The crystalline energy of Uranus soothes the heart and opens the cardiac chambers for the absorption of consciousness and love.

Crystallization of the sexual organs

Living cell structures in crystalline form from the moon are planted into the sexual organs. The vitality of life is brought back into the sexual organs. After the crystallization of the organs, the healing priests are awaken as own organs of knowledge in the crystal pyramid. And a stronger flow of crystalline light is developing when working with clients.

Crystallization of the Chakras, nerve tract, …

Crystallization of the Chakras, nerve tract, DNA- spinal cord, crystal string of healing in the spine, Crystallization of the spinal column, constructing and repairing of bones, cartilages, sinews, connection to the star-seeds.
An educational session in the crystalline pyramid shows us, that bones themselves have been of crystalline structure once. The spine, the spinal marrow and the nerve tract were connected to the divine current, which built up the connection between the fires of heaven and earth. But it reveals us as well that star information has been imprinted as star pattern on some parts of the spine. Hp2 are reconnected to this old knowledge via the spine.

Release structures of the spinal column

Find structures in the spine and their equivalents in the causal body. These structures are in connection with deep soul structures, which are repeated again and again in recurring patterns. Contains condition of shock, deep grieve, commotion of the soul and complete oblivion towards oneself.
Initiation of tools to pull these structures out of the spinal column. Old structures in the spine are removed, their equivalents in the causal body are transformed and replaced by soul light in the form of a crystalline pyramid of the soul body. In this way old traumas and shocks are transformed into light and hereby healed.

To fix the Chakras

The chakras in their origin have specific docking units on the spine. Very often they shift. Then the body feels as if being in a state of coma. The refraction of the light is shifted. It can be the cause of depression.
After the chakras have been connected with the correct position in the spine, this happens via a bowl of the sources of healing, they are irradiated with a liquid- crystalline light that comes from seven specific chakra sources. Like this the whole system starts to rotate in a new rhythm.

Nervous System

In these days, with a higher supply of light, it can happen that the nerve tracts are completely overstrung. Crystallization of the nervous system has a calming and harmonizing effect. The crystallization takes place in the physical and the subtle bodies. In this way the data networks of the body is reconnected to the data networks of the Universe. Good after surgeries.
[Initiation into the healing stones of the chakras, the crystalline matrix of origin]
(Matrix- Form of origin= Origin)
Insertion of the new crystalline matrix into chakras. It radiates an extraordinary healing power. With the insertion of the matrix, old levels of illusion which are not in unity with it, are released and fly away. The chakra stones are light magnets.
Read, hear and feel holy sounds of this matrix.

Crystallization of the DNA

This crystallization can be supportive for every disease. We are working above the spinal marrow in 24 sectors and the crystalline structures from Sedna (planet, connected with the fire of the Divine Mother and the fire of the spine) which guards the uprising DNA codes of the Age of Aquarius inside it. In the following the old codes and their polarity are reversed and modified for the new age.
Crystal string of healing builds up regeneration and healing structures in the course of the light change. Through the permeating of the crystal string of healing into the spine, blockades which prevent our system from being in connection are dissolved. The subtle bodies are nourished. Heaven/ earth connection. Om Namah Shivaya around the spine. This strengthens the connection to oneself.

Crystallization of the spine and other bones

Originally the spine is one single crystal code which is connected to the principles of life. If the code is activated 100%, a human being can live its full consciousness. Otherwise the code wears out and the memory in the bones is expiring.
In the crystalline pyramid of Atlantis there is a light matrix out of crystalline consciousness which is guarded by Agni. Liquid plasma light with which broken and cracked bone substance and cartilage can be rebuilt, so that light information can flow steadily again.
Initiation into the 3 black chakras of Shiva Mala Arani. The whole spine is combed through with this energy and above the healing light of the 7th source of healing refilled, as a preparation for the new crystalline matrix of Christ in the spine.
Through implanting the “Christ Matrix” into the spine, the old structures are slowly dissolved. This is especially for people who have a clear orientation and consciousness for their own path and a pure heart.
It changes the information of the stem cells. The connection to the planets will become stronger. Through the Matrix, the process of thinking will take place in our heart, the heart is thinking. Different physical density, it has a higher frequency and the entrance to the next dimension is reached easily. With the higher frequency, the implementation of change is performed fast, that means a new way of acting. It is a good treatment for children, this way they can keep a pure heart. After the treatment the spine will no longer have a stiff shape, it will easily be transformable.

Implantation of star information into the spine

“Connection to your own star-seeds = light of origin.” It means the entrance to a higher frequency of healing of the new age, deriving from the Venus. Complete crystallization of our head, the elements and meridians, brain synapsis, cerebral cortex, teeth, eyes and ears.
Inside a healing area in the crystalline pyramid, we experience how our brain has been reduced to a light potential of 7%. Only meditation and spiritual states allow us to be in contact with the light pulses and the higher activities of our brain. We also experience how it increases after the treatment of crystallization.


Through overwriting the five elements at the brain centre line with plasma light, physical processes can be induced and illnesses can be overwritten. The body starts to believe that it is healthy and changes its functions likewise. Renewing of the cells, hormonal disorder can be remedied. Hereafter the equivalent meridian pairs are crystallized.

“Ground- breaking method, 8th wonder of the world, if combined with the magnetic level.” Experiences of participants

– Memory structures are stimulated, cell construction
– Memory storage, to initiate and stimulate new learning ability and expansion of the potential within the human body
– Extinct storage is refilled and reactivated
Reactivation of:
– Decayed memory cells
– Archaic cells of Atlantis which are connected to the original structures of light and which have never been active since the time of Atlantis
– Still lying potential cells which are not used because we never learnt how to use them
– Recognize which cells have to be treated; and also the percentage that is active
Stem cells of Atlantis are activated:
– Ancient potential of Atlantis is reactivated and helps us to remember the light, which we left to experience karmic illnesses
Potential cells of the present time are activated and this helps with hereditary diseases, increases the memory potential. It can be applied to children with learning problems.
Decayed cells are reactivated and nourished with new cell substance
We get to know a secret gate to the human consciousness
Intervention in genetic substances of human beings
New consciousness of own being
New expansion, dissolution of fear
New stability, new visions for life
Positive development of [eye] sight
More joy for life

Process of gilding the synapses

Whenever synapses are directing pulses, they have a distinct goal. But there are many pulses which do not arrive where they should. In this way spiritual treatments develop and become false compensation acts e.g. smoking or drinking excessively. Networks that have not been foreseen develop and lead to confusion.
• Synapses are inactive= rubbish heap
• As soon as they are active again, they can participate in creation
• Everything that is negative can transform into something positive
• New and clear thought structures

Healing with the crystal energy of Venus

As the brain is originally connected to the energy of Christ, rose- coloured crystal plasma of the Venus is lubricated into the brain centre line.
• Rejuvenation of the brain
• Light of Christ enters the brain, from there the whole body and transforms everything that is not fulfilled with light yet.
• Communication on all levels becomes easier
Sickening memory structures can be overwritten on the forehead with Om Namah Shivaya and liquid- crystal light.


Teeth are solidified crystalline structures. We can influence origins of illnesses through them. The original matrix is set in and the teeth’s nerves are wrapped in “star threads” and reconnected. These are new methods of treatment coming from Orion that have never been on earth.

Eyes and Ears

Eyes and Ears are cleaned with new initiated fiberglass fingers. The eye itself and all the nerve connection till the brain stem; (same for ears).
Everything that has been cleaned will be crystallized now. It increases the light frequency, changes the way you see, the way you hear. Difficulties in hearing and tinnitus can be treated as well. It can be used as a treatment against schizophrenia.

INSHA II – Duration & Fees

Duration: 21 days split into 3 parts (7 days each)
Cost: 5.640,00€