Healing Path of Self-Love

Depression develops when feelings of bliss and self-love vanish. The body has switch points that lead to depression, part of which are the glands in the body and the pituitary gland in the brain. The loss of feelings of happiness and of self-love activate the glands in a dysfunctional way.  In turn, they resonate in disharmony.

The glands reacting in strong disharmony severely limits the body, as they cannot regulate themselves in such a condition. Healing Priests can regulate the glands in the body through a gentle process. In this way, self-love starts to flow again and one’s sense of happiness can return.

The first depressions often start during or after puberty and can stay with some people for their whole life. Depression also increases in likelihood at the age of 45 years, especially in women experiencing menopause. This is a time in which the vibration of several glands changes, causing loss of harmonious rhythm throughout the whole system.

The energy in the glands has the appearance of spinning “tops of bliss,” continually sending impulses into the body. The energy of the glands turns rhythmically. When women become older, the flow of the energy in the glands gets slower, bringing the woman into the cycle of the wise woman.

The vibration of the glands influences feelings of happiness, and for older people, the unfolding of the inner powers in the body.

The glands set the vibration. They release hormones and open up spaces!

Healing Priests learn to bring the vibrations of the glands in harmony with the body. The adjustment happens slowly and adapts itself to the rhythm of the body, according to its age. This process is aided by a conscious lifestyle of self-love and a culture of happiness, that brings people back to themselves.

Disharmony in the vibration of the hormones and the glands, creates blockages. Consequently, feelings of bliss and the power of self-love shut down in the body. It is difficult for the body to regulate these disharmonies by itself.

Healing of the glands is a key to feelings of happiness and wellbeing in the body. A harmonious vibration of the glands rejuvenates the body and allows it to bloom in its full beauty.