Alpha Chi Consultant – Spiritual Advisor Training

The Alpha Chi Consultant Training enables you to comprehend universal, spiritual relationships for the benefit of human development. It is designed in an extra-occupational and practice-oriented way. The Alpha Chi Training has a twofold effect: it aids in discovering one’s conscious being and one’s own spiritual development on the one hand, and with the professional realignment and extension of one’s professional skills, on the other. Perception is greatly expanded through the training, with the initiation and application of spiritual accesses and the availability of the 8th Chakra. The result is a holistic view of things, which opens a new results-oriented and targeted approach in all aspects of life and professional matters, without losing sight of love, meaning and the universal perspective.
Over the last ten years, many Alpha Chi Consultants have achieved new professional fields for themselves. Others have elevated their previous job to a whole new level and greatly expanded their sphere of influence. Therapists, spiritual and secular consultants, Feng Shui consultants, executives and many others have exponentially increased their success and increased their customer base as well. The non-dual perception of the 8th chakra presents solutions, inspiration and visions beyond the dual-textured world that is familiar to us.

Alpha Chi Consultant and Occupations

The knowledge of the Alpha Chi Consultant Training is often applied to the following occupational areas:

  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Counselor
  • Therapist
  • Coach
  • Management Consultant, etc.

The 8th Chakra helps to find solutions, irrespective of projections and wishful thinking. In this way, a deeper, more effective connection to the client is possible in the consultations. Using the higher level of natural laws leads to clarifying problems more quickly. Solutions from higher insight are aligned in a successful and goal-oriented way.

  • Feng Shui Consultant
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Construction Companies, etc.

The Alpha Chi Feng Shui helps to create harmonious, powerful buildings and environments worth living in. Existing buildings are re-vitalized. The planning of projects is enriched by new knowledge.

  • Seminar Leader
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Team leadership
  • Systemic constellation work, etc.

The Alpha Chi Consultant Training helps to strengthen one’s own leadership potential. Connected to natural law, you receive guidance and lead in unity with the Divine.

  • Healer
  • Naturopath
  • Doctor
  • Therapist, etc.

The 8th Chakra helps to more quickly identify the cause of illness and correlations of body, soul and spirit. One understands the client on a deeper level in his/her totality and can thus treat in a much more comprehensive way. Energetic methods taught in the Training help in this way.
Executives, people in politics, in management and responsible positions gave feedback on how crucial the increase of their perception in the 8th Chakra was in finding solutions in difficult situations. The right words were found to implement responsible solutions for the benefit of all.

  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Designer
  • Writer
  • Journalist, etc.

Beyond dual thinking, new inspirations and visions are found more quickly. All Alpha Chi Consultants have access to this universal pool of knowledge, can generate ideas and identify the steps to their implementation.

Key Topics of the Training

Spiritual Consultation
It enables the Alpha Chi Consultant to accompany people professionally on their life path. The Spiritual Consultation releases people from attachments, projections and wishful thinking and leads them toward a result-oriented solution that is aligned directly to the goal and to a higher level of awareness.

Energetic Feng Shui
Participants learn to recognize the energy in buildings and landscapes and to directly change the energies with the help of energetically-active signs. Old energies are rerouted or transformed, while protecting against factors that are adverse to health. Chi – life force – is attracted and increased according to the users of the space. Old power places are healed, new power places created and wide landscapes harmonized.
Additionally, client-oriented work can be supported by Body Feng Shui. Body Feng Shui makes it possible to relieve the body of old energy and to boost the body’s Chi.


Spiritual support for the dying
Bound souls are brought into the light in accordance with their development.

Levels of connection with the mineral, plant and animal realm, as well as with the spirit world (angels, devas, spirit guides) can be experienced from within.

The Alpha Chi Consultant is a practically-oriented Training in which everything that is learned is directly experienced and therefore immediately able to be used in the participants professional work.
Successful implementation is ensured from the beginning, since access to the levels of the 8th Chakra are available from the start.
The final examination at the end of the Training entitles the participant to bear the protected title “Alpha Chi Consultant”.