Learn Spiritual Healing – our trainings:

The New Healing Methods of the Age of Aquarius 1
The New Healing Methods of the Age of Aquarius 2
White INSHA Shamanism
Alpha Chi Consultant – Spiritual Advisor Training

What are the Spiritual Healing Trainings about?


The trainings in “Spiritual Healing” include energetic-spiritual healing methods. The term “energetic” means the transmission of healing, subtle energies. The energy of love is at the center of the “Spiritual Healing” trainings.

The Spiritual Healing Trainings teach theoretical content, practical exercises and trigger experiences of self-awareness and self-knowledge in the participants. In addition to intellectual knowledge, the encounters with the self brought about by the exercises, meditations and initiations also develop holistic knowledge and intuition. These direct encounters with one’s self accelerate and strengthen the acquisition of knowledge and skills. This is a mark of the high quality of these trainings.
The “Spiritual Healing” trainings not only enable you to help others, they enable you to help yourself as well. Through the trainings, both you and those you work with can regain health, achieve physical and mental vitality, joie de vivre, and a more joyful, balanced outlook on life.

The trainings are based in a written course content, that allows for cognitive recognition of the concepts, in addition to emotional and spiritual recognition. The underlying concepts often overlap with those in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and naturopathy.

The different trainings in “Spiritual Healing” were developed from Readings of the Akashic Records (readings from the spiritual world) by spiritual masters. The content transmitted within the trainings forms a foundation from which participants can develop their own specializations.
All teaching and text materials will be provided to the participants during the Healer Trainings.

Training in Spiritual Healing – Principles of the Healer Trainings

The force behind spiritual healing methods is light and energy (vibration, or subtle energy). A healer learns during the training to recognize “energies” and use them for the benefit of humans. Subtle flows of information affect body, mind and spirit and act in a sustainable and holistic way.

The Healer Trainings of the INSHA Academy are results-oriented and free from dogmas. The transmission of these healing methods serves exclusively the benefit and health of the people. Cooperation with other healing methods as well as with conventional medicine forms the basis for a holistic development of knowledge. This kind of cooperation is strongly encouraged by the INSHA Academy.

A sense of responsibility, transparency, and the unfolding of peoples potential are among the fundamental values of the INSHA Academy.