Insha-Shakti-DhuniI am Insha and I love my life. I have two wonderful grown-up children and, at times I’m surprised myself, already a splendid grandson of full age, a fulfilling marriage and I am at home in places, where other people go on holidays. In the beautiful region of the Black Forest in Freiburg and in a Château in Ribeauvillé, Alsace, along the wine trail. I love my job, which already is my 2nd vocation in this life. My destiny has been good to me.

Since my 30th birthday I love working, passionately. Every day I meet exciting and inspiring people, ideas and new projects come bubbling into my life. I have acquainted myself with the laws of resonance and I welcome all challenges, be it through encounters or situations in life.

The 80s – Departure into the world of computers

It wasn’t always this way. This is how my history has led me here:
For a long, long time I wasn’t able to feel myself at all, didn’t feel joy and was dependent on every kind word thrown at me, if I was lucky. My self-esteem was bordering 0 – Zero. Depending on the affection of my partner at the time, I did an apprenticeship, gave birth to our daughter, earned a salary – and handed it over. A self-destructive time which lasted for about 10 years.
computer-nerdsMy 1st chance in life – to live, came in 1980. My husband at the time was offered a job at the first computer store in Germany. Whilst I turned in my salary at home, he self-taught himself all there was to know about the first “home computers” and the coding language. At this time, I was once again busy revamping my self-esteem, by taking part in further education. Thank god I listened to the advice of my mum back then, which didn’t happen often, she said:
“Even if you don’t understand a thing about computers, go with your husband. You are intelligent and you can learn anything. Otherwise you have your college degree, but no more husband.” So I went with him and each morning we drove from Cologne to Düsseldorf.

From the shrinking violet to a business woman

What you should know is that, because of the fear of being hurt, I subconsciously had built a huge invisible wall around me, making sure nobody could truly perceive me and that I was incredibly shy. Walking into the unknown world of computers was one of the biggest challenges and the beginning of my personal liberation.

Insha-Computerladen1Now I started to get to know this world. All I needed to stand my ground as a woman in this world. Soon I was almost running the store on my own and I started to really enjoy it.

Sometimes we had proper competitions on who could sell the most computers in a day. I found out, that I was good at selling, when I was genuinely convinced about something.
We were pioneers.
After quite a short time people started asking for computer games. There were none!
Nowadays this is difficult to imagine. We began searching and found books in England with binary codes – zeros and ones.
With the approval of our boss at the time we typed in these numbers for nights on end and out came the first ping pong games. This led me to my first calling. I loved this new technology. Soon after, the first games became available in England and America and so the first mail-order- and retail store for computer games in Germany was established.

Germany’s first computer game store in Düsseldorf

Insha-JoysoftMy shop. I was in my early 30s, my colleagues were a pensioner, who packed the parcels for delivery and college students, who bought and sold the games under my instructions. My marriage came to a very painful end and I concentrated on the New. For the first time in my life I actually began to live. I went dancing for the first time, for the first time there were days, which felt easy, for the first time I started to feel myself. Within the first year I had a turnover of 1 Million DM. I continued expanding each year, until the mail-order-business had grown to 150.000 clients. There were 8 retail stores between Essen and Frankfurt and 150 wholesale clients. The first Internet shop opened and as far as I was concerned, it could have carried on like this for ever. All my attention and love belonged to the early years in this industry. I learnt to follow my intuition. And yet, only at the 10th anniversary of the company I dared to hold a speech in front of my 100 guests.

Turning over millions and existential fears

Joysoft-MitarbeiterI often work so much, that I simply blocked out any issues I could have learnt from in my life. In 1995 I had almost 40 employees, a turnover of 12 Million DM and the worst fears of my life. Existential fears to lose my second husband, fear that something bad could happen to my children, fear I could end up on the street… WOW
In the meantime many big companies had entered into the sector of computer games and I was the only sole trader in this market. What was I supposed to do? So I summed up my life.
I had learnt to be a good business woman, I had realized that it was not the computer games which enriched my life, but the people, my employees which I loved and who had stood by me like a family. Two things came into my life. For one thing the thought to sell this, my beloved company, for another thing I met people, who were spirituality engaged. After an initial phase of huge distrust of such dubious things, a deep longing started to permeate me: The search for myself, for my true beauty and my trust in the world.

My spiritual search – my participation in many healer trainings

I started to binge-read entire libraries of spiritual books and took part in my first spiritual courses. At the beginning my daughter and my mother would come along, and sometimes even my young son (to the children courses).

This was wicked. My family was a whole lot more “successful” in tuning into their intuition and perception than I was. My head, which had supported me for so long, was now standing in my way.

For example during our first course in the Silva Mind Method.

We learnt to harmonise our cerebral hemispheres, to not fall asleep during meditation and in particular to dive specifically into the Alpha state, to scan bodies and to create our own inner training room accompanied by spiritual helpers. I had difficulties, my mum and daughter however sailed through it. Spirituality had swept me off my feet and I was fascinated.

Next in line was Reiki right up to becoming a Reiki master. I had a very lovable Reiki master, who I found incredibly beautiful. Through her, I came into contact with the laws of resonances for the first time. Because she told me: “The beauty you see in me, is the beauty within yourself”
Even today, already having my own healing methods for a long time, I can wholehearted recommend Reiki given by a good master.
This was the first time when I felt the energy and power in my hands, for the first time I offered myself as a channel for universal (healing) energy.

Application of spiritual healing methods with my employees

Ever since then my children didn’t need to see a doctor anymore. Also my colleagues often came to me and asked a little shy: “ Ms Holz… could you please lay your hands on me?”The rate of sickness related absence decreased to 0.1 percent.

Then I found Rudolf Lippert, my spiritual healer. I took part in his one year spiritual healer training. In 1996 I got to know Master Choa Kok Sui. A friend of mine was his personal assistant when he came to Germany and so I had the great fortune to get to know him at up close. In 1996 I learned Pranic Healing Basic, Crystal Healing and Psychic Self Defence through his teachers Petra and Josef Contrada; and in 1997 Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Kryashakti and Arhatic Yoga from the master himself.

Downward slide of my business – my chance for a new beginning

Joysoft-BesprechnungBy this time it was 1998 and my business hit rock bottom. Debts of 1.5 Mio DM crippled me and I made petitions to my suppliers. At the same time I prepared the sale of my retail stores to my employees and once again followed my intuition.
I made a call after reading an advertisement in a spiritual magazine. Advertised was energy Feng Shui. I didn’t really have a clue what this was about, but I felt a great attraction.

And this is how my 2nd calling began.

Feng Shui in my business – my clutch at a straw

A young woman came to see me at the company for a first talk. I un-burdened my heart and asked her if she could help me whip my company back into shape, so I could sell it. Rationally speaking this was utterly utopian for me and yet I continued.
She explained to me, that she could help me with her Feng Shui. Immediately we had a good connection and thus, after sleeping it over twice, I gave her the Feng Shui job for the company and my house: 1.000 square metres for 10.000 DM.
And something worked. Although it didn’t become any easier with the company, I knew exactly where I wanted to go and very clearly walked the path of selling my business. On a personal level I started to face up to my fears. Every week I went to see this spiritual teacher and worked on dissolving my fears.
The most important sentence she said to me at the time, which I will never forget, was:
“The spiritual world says, your suffering has come to an end.”

The end of my work in computer sector

Joysoft KäuferThe Feng Shui had cleared my path and one day I received an email from England saying:
“We are a business from the new market and we want to buy your company.”
This was it.
In the meantime I had sold everything of value.
I had no more house, my marriage had once again come to an end and I lived in a 10 square metre room at my ex-mother-in-law’s to be able to pay my company and my employees.

A new beginning as a healer and a spiritual teacher

Insha-NeubeginnIn January 2000 it was ready at last; I was able to sell everything and began to live my calling with all my devotion. My life as a healer and spiritual teacher.
A new life.
During the dark times of my soul, when my existential fears had made me shudder each day, I had prayed to God: “Please God, let me sell my company, give me enough proceeds so I can establish a spiritual business for myself, in which I can live each day from within, and feed myself.” I was granted this wish.

2001 – first healing knowledge came down from the spiritual world

With a lot of joy and enthusiasm I took part in many spiritual courses and trainings. Trainings, which taught me to work with people and which simultaneously, guided me through old blockages and resistances.

In 2001 I received my own healing method:

„The new Healing methods of the Age of Aquarius“

from the spiritual world and I began to teach it. Until now more than 600 healers have been trained in this method.

Insha-Akademie-heilen-lernenSince 2002 I am training people to become life- and Feng Shui consultants. In 2007 I founded the first professional association for healers and in 2009 the “White Shamanism” came into my life. Also a spiritual path of self-discovery and healing from the spiritual world. The last years have become more and more beautiful, despite the many obstacles, which arose from within me to the surface, wanting to be recognised.
For the last 10 years I have been in a new relationship and since 2011 I am married for the 3rd time. Until then I always assumed, that such happiness, which I am allowed to experience now, only existed in romantic love stories.
With my children I have walked through deep valleys as well and now, more than ever I feel the great joy about their existence.
I am allowed to train people. This is my passion and my calling and I am happy if your path leads you to me.

Certificates – Pranic Healing & Agni Tradition


I am looking forward to your message.
Love and light

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