Partnership – Relationship

Insha-Joshua-PartnerschaftFulfilled relationship, happy partnership – Living in unity with our self and the partner
A Seminar for singles and couples by Insha and Joshua

This seminar is the path towards the healing of relationships and resonances in a partnership. The key lies in our inner selves. The partner is like a mirror of our love and weaknesses. We may learn to recognize us in it and to heal our injuries. If we are longing for a partner, this desire acts as a resonance level of ancient ties and wounding patterns. But if our longing for love and inner truth endures, the longing becomes one with our path of fulfillment. Anchored in ourselves, we are authentic and we radiate this. We are ready for the ideal partner respectively we are ready to live fulfillment with the person at our side.

1st block: At which point do I stand? – Who am I?

The first block of the seminar starts with a self-reflection: At which point do I stand? – Who am I? Which are my old pains, karmic injuries deriving from partnerships, where does the feeling of being left come from, which are my traumatic experiences? Which experiences of failure did I make?
It is about getting in touch with old pains and sorrows that you are carrying with you. You are going to accept them and meanwhile realizing that these wounds are an integral part of your being and of significant influence for your relationships nowadays.
During the first block old structures and pain stricken levels reveal themselves, and you are going to examine whether you want to continue carrying these pains. You will benefit from these days, realizing that you are embodying a rich history at the present time, carrying structures which influence your daily life substantially without being aware of it. The aspect of self-responsibility becomes clearly visible. You will feel – this is what I am, this is what I have- I am responsible for all resonance levels and pain I am carrying with me.
After the first weekend you will carefully treat the insights you achieved, reflect on them and check whether they are still important to you, and whether you are able to reconcile and find peace.

2nd block: Leave the past behind – Find a new expression

Your realizations of the last weeks are communicated within the group. You are able to come to terms with your past and to benefit from the experience of others. Your past consists of your old incarnations and your current life. The second block serves the topic of self-healing, helps you to find inner peace and to accept yourself – to love yourself with all your aspects, the unpleasant ones as much as the pleasant ones of your being. You are connected to your spiritual background, your knowledge and you invite the quality of your being to earth. You take a step towards your completion and wholeness.
Until the last block, these topics continue to work within you; meanwhile you receive a task that supports your healing process. You will examine yourself – What am I? What can I accept? Which aspects may become a part of me? What about my resistances? Which aspects am I leaving in heaven because of my fear to express them on earth?

3rd block: Clarity in partner choice respectively in an established relationship

The third block starts with a reflection of the achieved insights which come to an end here. Insha and Joshua are going to prepare a ritual in the course of which every participant can invite everything of his/her heaven that s/he wants to live now. In the next step you are going to open up to your fellow human beings – to have the courage to present yourself with your true being, charisma and your presence, to live what you really are and to recognize the people around you on your inner levels. You are going to examine yourself: What happens if I (am going to) meet my partner? Which are the ties, the levels of longing, which is the true light of my heart, and the truth that flows between me and my potential partner?
Self-recognition: How am I working? What makes me react? Are there old ties that lead me to a so-called “wrong partner”, that make me unhappy in an existing relationship? In connection with the levels of truth and the levels of avatars, how am I able to realize whether a person is a potential partner, who is meant for me to spend a stage of life with me and also to feel whether s/he is my soul mate who accompanies me in this life and further?
The third block is about clarity in the choice of a partner and in established relationships. It is about developing the feeling of what is right for me and thereby radiating authenticity.

“As soon as I find myself, I am able to find and identify my partner; as soon as I accept myself; I can perceive the quality of others and recognize the true light of my partner.” Insha & Joshua