Guidance in the Power of the Holy Spirit

In this seminar, in alignment with one’s own fire and the power of the Holy Spirit, all the conscious and unconscious parts of oneself are focused toward the light. One’s inner guidance becomes illuminated in a way that connects it to the guidance of the light.

We recognize who we are by walking our path.

The imaginary worlds and illusions that we build for ourselves, often steer us away from our path. In these 4 days, these images become clearer and align themselves with the real inner guidance of the participants. In alignment with love and fire, all the parts that lead you away from your path become focused on your inner path and allow you to advance with more clarity. The illusions lose their meaning in the moment when you can see the fire and the light in your own self. The Holy Spirit becomes visible as a flame that leads us to recognize our own reality. The fire is initiated and thereby clarifies the unreal worlds. The veils of illusion fall away to reveal reality, and the fire becomes a force that drives us.

Loving and gentle, though at the same time focusing so we walk our path. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we recognize our real aims and the decoys disappear. The force inside becomes free to believe in the Self and only the true inner reference points to spiritual guidance remain: love, truth and alignment.

The Holy Spirit gives us the clarity of mind that we need and allows us to move forward. It connects to our inner self, so that we can relax and see that reality is nothing more than knowledge of the Self and focus on our path. Grace and love form us into our true Selves, and the veils of illusion fall away so that we can live our own light.

In these 4 days, the inner light is gently clarified. The inner silence gives us space in which we can distinguish the true goals from the unreal, so that we can align ourselves, within the power of the Holy Spirit, to serve God.

Seminar Contents:

  • Inventory of the alignment of the chakras
  • Focus on bringing ideas into reality
  • Redemption and resolution of unrealized desires, visualizations, untrue beliefs about ourselves, and illusions
  • The Ascension Flame of Babaji
  • Manifestation of clarity
  • The power of prayer
  • Alignment of chakras with the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Higher goals of the soul
  • The path of realization
  • Focus on success