The Path into Light

The Path into Light is an intensive spiritual seminar that helps you to find your life path. You get to know yourself and aspects of your energy body better and learn how to use them in a well-defined workshop, through guided meditations and exercises. The aim is to develop the love in one’s own heart and thus, to be able to walk one’s own Path into Light. When you decide to take this course, you opt for autonomous action, for more self-confidence and more strength. You meet your everyday life with ease and joy. You can quickly realize imbalances within you, your environment and your fellow man, and you can use what you learned to directly engage in balancing and healing.

This seminar was developed by Agni Frank Eickermann.

The Spiritual Helpers in the Path into Light are:


Jesus: “There is no heavenly kingdom outside yourself. The key and love lie within your heart. I will help you open this door.”

Sai Baba: “Perfection is within you. Recover your inner treasures. Search for qualities by which others can recognize you. You already are what you always were. Show yourself to the world.”

Babaji: “There is no reason not to leave everything behind you that holds you back, that prevents you from living. If you cannot overcome this on your own, I will be the bridge you can cross to set foot into a new world. Your world.”

Krishna: “Life is nothing but the expression of pure joy. Being human is a dance. Begin to dance and invite everybody else to join the round dance. One day the whole world will dance and everybody will be happy. This day begins when you begin to dance.”

Karuna: “Men have forgotten who they really are. I will awaken mercy in all hearts, because this will open up your eyes and enable you to lovingly perceive every being as your brother and your sister.”

Gabriel: “The light you are searching for is the torch at the end of the tunnel that I hold up for everybody who wants to leave the darkness.”

Narayena: “Become the river that is one with peace which inevitably takes you back to the ocean you have derived from.”

Agni: “If today you decide to live, yesterday has no meaning.”


Jesus: Love; Sai Baba: Completeness; Babaji: Fire; Krishna: Joy
Karuna: Compassion; Gabriel: Light; Narayena: Peace; Agni: Guidance

The Path into Light is divided into three sections:

We start with a ritual opening of the perception of the third eye. By releasing blockages we open our inner perception, to meet ourselves lovingly. The first part of the seminar on the 1st and 2nd day serves to let us experience our own current position:

  • Where do I stand?
  • Which potential do I already have in me?
  • What levels are already available to me?

This will tell us the standpoint of our present life. Through internal inventory we realize the following issues:

  • What do I hold on to?
  • Where do I block myself?
  • Where am I keeping myself from advancing?
  • What do I want to change?

We experience a second birth, a birth into the spiritual life. The awareness of our everyday life is expanded with the support from the spiritual world. Inner pictures become visions of our own power. We experience the quality of the chakras in these two days. By immersing ourselves into these sources of energy, they immediately start to flow into our lives. Love, peace, courage and strength and the freedom to act become present. Inner principles become our companions.


The second part of the seminar on the 3rd and 4th day serves to transform the blocked aspects and to initiate a new liberated lifecycle. The experience of inner qualities solidifies. In addition, we learn new skills to use our light. As we learn to trust ourselves, we can encounter ourselves on all levels. Mutual support grows with love. Involved in the seminar process, we experience mutual growth through love. While we learn to manage our tasks playfully, we are accompanied by the sacred fire that burns everything still holding us back. Light beyond darkness is our guide.


In the third part of the seminar, on the 5th and 6th day, we experience ourselves beyond the blockages. Unity with our own flow of life shapes the experience of oneness within us. We recognize our common task as human beings and take responsibility for our life. Through charity, we also become aware of our responsibility to serve one another and the Earth. At the same time, the realization of our individual task awakens in us.
Where do I come from and where does my destination lead me? Answers to these questions are received from the unity of consciousness. Action becomes an expression of truthfulness for the benefit of all beings.
Those who like can learn about their life task at the end of the seminar.

Meditation on the Spiritual Helpers of the Path into Light:

The Spiritual Helpers in the Path into Light can be experienced through the love we each have within ourselves. Each helper has a special energy and supports us in the development of our own qualities. In this meditation, you will meet the Spiritual Helpers and reach a new expansion of your being.

Article from the founder: Agni Frank Eickermann

Source: Youtube April 09 2011


Hello my friends,
today I want to tell you something about the Path into Light. The Path into Light is a fundamental training that I created 20 years ago. It offers a 6-day accompaniment to arrive to oneself, to experience one’s own light, to feel one’s own origin and to develop visions for one’s own path.

Path into the Light – How did it come about?

When I was born, spirituality was something outside the linguistic treasure for most people. I came into a family in which that wasn’t a topic, but where I had enough time to communicate with my spiritual companions, with the angels and all other beings that were with me. For me as a child it was always perfectly self-evident that other beings are there, who visit you, speak to you, who will help you and who accept help and who are simply friends, just from the “non-incarnated” world. They brought messages that were also gladly accepted, even in my conventional environment, with the excuse that: “children tell the truth and have a special access to it.” When I was confirmed in the Protestant Church, my parents told me: “now you’re grown up, now you need to stop telling crazy things. Now you have to stop seeing other beings, knowing about the future, thinking that you can see other people’s aura, speaking with angels – that’s all complete nonsense.”

Adults do not do that. Adults do not believe in the Christ Child, they also do not believe that we have different lives, that light bodies exist, that there are angels, that there are gods, that the whole sky is full of beings who are alive and happy to communicate with us. Adults do not believe that.

Everybody has Angels

At first I was quite surprised because I thought it was normal, just that none of the adults were talking to me about these things. I thought they were able to perceive these things as well. Because, in fact, it belongs to everyone, each of us has his spiritual companions, everyone has angels who want to talk with him/her, everyone has a heaven from which he originated, adults as well as children. A couple of years passed before classmates came up to me around the time of graduation and said “you know I have a problem; can you look into it for me? Can you retrieve a solution from the worlds you see?” And why not? So, jumping right into it, I told people what will happen and then they thought that it might only happen because one tells them, that they have a “self fulfilling prophecy.” For example, if they are told “Look, your partner will leave you,” that they will leave them just because they have heard it, etc. So I stopped once more. Oh man, people can not deal with knowing the future. What’s it all about then?

Meditation – touch your own heaven

Then I tried to set up meditation classes, since meditation is indeed a good way, besides prayer, to come into contact with one’s own being, to touch one’s own heaven and to manifest happiness in one’s life. I then lead the first meditation groups. That was all very nice and I realized that the desire for knowledge of one’s own home is relatively big. Then I started to give Past Life Regression sessions. That was in the 70s. Reincarnation was not yet known at the time. The tabloids had not written about it yet. Today, every women’s magazine has at least covered that. In those days that was considered scary hoax, similar to acupuncture. I remember when I first started with acupuncture, in the 70’s, the Evangelical Church in Lower Saxony wrote: Acupuncture is of the devil, that’s something like voodoo, needles are stuck into people, that’s awful. Today no one is writing that any more, because it is a recognized medicine. It was a similar story with reincarnation. It was considered a hoax and it does not exist. It cannot exist and yet there were a few thousand people who wanted to explore it and who came to me and remembered their past lives. They suddenly spoke languages they had not previously spoken, remembered why they chose their family, remembered why their children have come to them, recognized their guardian angels and communicated with them and knew what task awaits them in this life, what they had set out to do, at what age they wanted to achieve it, what things they wanted to resolve for themselves and what they wanted to study.

Chakras – working with our light

After thousands of people had done it, they came to me with the wish: “can’t you do something, that touches our wholeness, that helps us not only to touch our light, not only to recognize, but, enables us to work with our energies and our light, to experience our chakras and to take that experience into our everyday lives, regardless of our religious background? ”

The Birth of the Path into Light

Sure, can do. The Path into Light was created.

The Path into Light leads through the chakras, which are levels of creation, on three different planes. We work with our chakras to realize: What can I do with my energy, where does it flow, where doesn’t it flow, where does it touch our heaven and where is it rooted in Mother Earth.

And that was very nice and successful, because people realized: it’s so easy and they win so much more in 6 days than what they’ve won before with 100 hours of psychotherapy. I feel myself so much more and can express this “self” in my everyday life. I can live my everyday life more fulfilled with more light, more love for my fellow human beings, for my partner and for my family. That’s how the Path into Light became a foundation for all further spiritual trainings.

Only after I get in touch with my self, when I can manage my own flow. When I am able to regulate it when I come into imbalance, I go the next step and say: “What can I do with it? Do I want to make it the center of my life, and work professionally with it?” What, up until today, already many thousands have done.

Energy in the Age of Transformation

Now, we also have a new era, the golden age that is almost here, the era of transformation and the Path into Light is essentially the tool, which prepares us for it. Because now we must learn in a very short time, to transport more and more energy. We must train our body, which is used to working with only small amounts of energy. We need to train our consciousness to open ourselves to the abundant gifts that want to come to earth and which need us as their channel to become reality.

The gifts that come from our own heaven to us, for which we have incarnated to manifest them.

Our lives will change drastically if we accept these gifts, because heaven holds so much knowledge and wisdom, more than we could ever imagine. But in order to do so, we must learn to live with our energy, to experience what it is, to be able to expand to accommodate more, to take down our walls, so as not to burn. The Path into Light aids tremendously in that. For those who have not participated yet: there are about 300 teachers who offer it. It can easily be found on the Internet, in addition to the comments made by the Protestant church, which say that it isn’t so great to become free from bonds. But you will also find plenty of hints on how great that is. That it makes a big difference, for your own life and your happiness, with your partner, in your family and society. When you become more yourself, you can also share more happiness. The more you deny yourself, the less you can share yourself. What’s the better way? Be self-empowered, self-responsible, expanded, happy? I think that is where the way goes.

Have fun walking it and see you soon.

Article by Insha

My encounter with the Agni Tradition


1998 – 16 years ago{at the time of the interview} – I was able to get to know the first Spiritual Teacher in the Tradition of Agni. I was in a deep identity and economic crisis and this new acquaintance was sent to me back then from heaven or fate. I admired this woman extraordinarily, this is how I wanted to be. At the time I worked mainly as an entrepreneur.

Within me, I had the desire to live a spiritual life. Just like this woman that I met there. Of course, we talked about my desire and she told me about her teacher: of Agni. She gave me the opportunity to meet Agni.

One possibility to walk my path

After many sessions that I had with this spiritual teacher to dissolve innumerable fears, which worked quite wonderfully, we talked about a possibility to walk my path. And of course I wanted what I saw in her. This personal development was only possible through the “Path into Light“.

I asked: “What is the Path into Light?”

Naturally you will also ask this question. Quite often I see today that the Path into Light is posted on Facebook and I am not sure whether one or the other even has a sense of how phenomenal it is what lies behind these words:

„The Path into Light“.

The “Path into Light” was definitely “my Path into Light.” Today I will tell you something about it so you can get an idea of what meaning this “Path into Light” can have for each of us if we are willing to walk it.
Many times back then, the Spiritual Teacher and I tried to organize presentations, where I wanted to go to find out what the Path into Light actually is. Many times I came alone. No one else was there for these lectures and it was so great with this Spiritual Teacher. We talked all night and then I still did not know what the Path into Light was.

Chakras – we use our levels of creation to manifest

The only thing I could understand was “you’re working with the chakras.” This quite frankly did not touch me so much because I had looked into spiritual topics for  quite a while. I was already using CDs with chakra meditations that had done me good. I couldn’t imagine that chakras were able to move things on such deep levels, as I was told. Chakras to me were the natural energy resources of the body. It was clear to me for some time that they are in connection with the cosmos. That chakras can truly manifest and that chakras are really levels of creation, with which you can “DO” things not only soothe or balance moods, was unknown to me until then.

My first Path into Light with Agni

Answer the fundamental questions in life

In order to be able to become a Spiritual Consultant and Spiritual Teacher, I had no choice, but to participate in the Path into Light. Back then I was lucky that Agni himself, who is the teacher of this wonderful woman, was also present at my Path into Light seminar. At the time, he lead the supervision. That was a big treat for me to be able to experience him:

How Agni was and how he treated us, to get to know his love and to be able to enjoy the time with him every day.

From my present perspective, after I have been allowed to teach the Path into Light already for 14 years, I can say the Path into Light is a 6-day intensive seminar for anyone who is willing to meet and to work intensively on him-/herself:

  • What have I achieved so far in my life spiritually?
  • Where can I feel myself already?
  • Where am I already one with myself?
  • Where can I already find my happiness with myself?
  • What steps have I already taken?

Already in the first two days of the Path into Light you deal with these questions. The Path into Light begins with a ritual opening of the perception through the third eye by the Spiritual Teacher. This allows you to experience the 6 days much more clearly. After this ritual opening of the perception you experience your own being through your chakras.

The Chakras – the root chakra

In the Path into Light you learn that the root chakra is red, that the root chakra is our connection to the Earth and that it is the seat of our trust. When the root chakra is not extended, when it is not nourished by ourselves, we always have the feeling that we cannot achieve anything, that we don’t stand on the ground with both feet, that we do not feel connected and that we can’t move matter.

The Chakras – the navel chakra

We learn that the navel chakra is the level of our courage and strength. The courage and strength to cope with our everyday life is housed in the navel chakra. It is orange. For the first two days in the Path into Light we work very intensively with the orange light, followed by an inventory of our courage and strength in our own daily lives.

The chakras – the solar plexus chakra

Then we continue with our solar plexus chakra, which lies on height of our stomach in the middle of the chest with it’s sun yellow color. The solar plexus chakra is connected to the sun and our heaven. The sun is a symbol of peace on earth and the sun in our solar plexus chakra stands for peace within us.
When we are in unity with the peace in our solar plexus chakra, we are one with our flow of live and our life task on earth.

The Chakras – the heart chakra

Then we get to know the heart chakra, the heart chakra which is certainly known to many. The heart chakra lies on level with the heart in the center of the chest and has the color green. It stands for unconditional love, for being non-judgmental, for not judging ourselves, but also not to judge others and for being whole, for being in harmony and happy with oneself and one’s life and for being able to really expand one’s love.
When love expands truthfully, what is usually most difficult for people towards themselves, life becomes very, very easy. Through love we can stay in the happiness, no matter what happens to us in the world and what our life brings.

The Chakras – the throat chakra

Then we continue in our inventory and arrive at the throat chakra. Our throat chakra is light blue. It represents the qualities: “To give oneself space in life,” “to manifest things in one’s own life” “to experience space for ourselves and space for our family, our friends, our work, etc.”
The inventory in the throat is helpful, and we recognize whether our throat chakra is also transparent for light. When I can give myself space in my throat, I can manifest things there.

The Chakras – the third eye

Then we move on to the brow chakra, which is located in the middle of the forehead. It has the color indigo blue and represents our perception and intuition. In the Path into Light we train the perception and discover how we perceive:

  • How is my intuition?
  • How do I cleanse the brow chakra, etc.

The Chakras – the lotus chakra

Finally, we go to our lotus chakra, which is at the apex of our head. The lotus chakra has the color purple. The lotus chakra is the only chakra, which we do not work with actively, but with which we are in true devotion to our heaven. This is where our transformation takes place from man to beings of light.

These were the first two days of the Path into Light. These days contain even more content: we get access as a healer, so we can do healing work with others. We become free and ensure that blockages, which are in our lives, like resistances we have towards ourselves, are dissolved.

Creating with the chakras

The second part of the Path into Light – Day 3 and Day 4

Then we come to the next 2 days. They are all about actually using and seeing our chakras, our levels of creation. We experience what we can do with our chakras how they heal and how we benefit from that.

The Chakras – the root chakra

We start again with the root chakra and do many exercises to strengthen the root chakra. It is very connected to the earth and all the plants. Through the root chakra we can connect to the earth and to all plants, including potted plants. For training purposes we look for a plant that we can nourish with the light from our root chakra.

Often times we have participants in the Path into Light, who know how to do the “muscle test” from kinesiology or know how to use the pendulum. This enables us to determine how the plant is doing. We jointly transfer energy from our root chakra to the plant. Through the possibility of testing the energy we find out about what the plant needs, how it can accept our energy and afterwards we can determine whether the plant is actually doing better.

The Chakras – the navel chakra

With the navel chakra we train our courage and our strength. We learn to strengthen ourselves by wrapping ourselves in the orange light from the navel chakra. But we also learn to assist others with the orange light, for example, if you have a child that needs to go to school in the morning, maybe in winter when it’s still dark and the child is a bit scared. You can give children this technique of orange light:

“Cover yourself in orange-colored light of courage and strength. You are protected and you arrive safe at school.”

The chakras – the solar plexus chakra

With the solar plexus chakra we learn to make peace spheres. They are sent to areas of crisis on the earth with the whole group. Of course we do that, to practice peace and to pass on peace. Maybe you are at work and you know that there is no peace in certain areas. Then you can use the wonderful power of the solar plexus chakra. Many, many times we experienced that after we had sent a sphere of peace into a distant country, we could read about peace negotiations in the newspapers the next day. Who knows if that happened because of us, but it happened many times and I believe that the peace that we send to other people causes peace.

The Chakras – the heart chakra

Then we come to the heart chakra. I want to tell you something that we adults have unfortunately not yet managed to do, but the kids do. (There is also a version of the Path into Light for children.) I have experienced that myself many years ago when my son took part in the Path into Light:
The children sat in a circle and learned to form love balls in a circle and to send these love balls. The Spiritual Teacher had placed a (physically-existent!) ball in the center of the group and the children had begun to send their love balls to the ball, making the ball move in the circle. Why do we do that?
Of course, we don’t do exercises with the heart chakra to move a ball, we do them to recognize all the things that love can move. Love can change events in the world. We realize that love allows us to change ourselves and everything around us for the benefit of all and that we can do that any time. We might fall out of our love in moments in which we are angry or upset.
If we remember: “I expand my heart right now!” then my heart can again be love, even when I’m angry with someone whom I can’t stand. But still, I can accept him with love and as that what he is and where his path leads him.

The chakras – the throat chakra

The throat chakra is not only the level where we expand ourselves, where we give ourselves space, our throat chakra is also the level of materialization. This is one of the highlights of the Path into Light for me, because we learn to materialize food through our throat chakra within one hour.
In the expansion of our throat chakra we can materialize food that we do not see with our eyes, but that we can smell, that we can perceive, that we can taste and swallow and that fills us. From that moment on, in which you have learned that in the Path into Light, you never need to be afraid any more, that there could be no more food in our world. Of course, we will all continue to eat because food is a wonderful thing. But we hear a lot and a lot happens in the world.

Light food –  Materializing food

What if we experience a time without food?

If you can materialize food, and we continue to practice that after the Path into Light, this ability can be used at any time. What I almost forgot: it’s not just that you’ll be full eating light food, but if you eat too much light food, you can even become thick. This also indicates that it works.

A little story involving food materialization:
Once a man participated in the Path into Light and learned to materialize food. He came home and enthusiastically told his girlfriend about it. His girlfriend said: “Leave me alone with that, you do your thing, you don’t even need to tell about it, that’s not mine.”
The two lived in Bavaria and so they went for a hike one day. Both were very hungry when they reached a scenic restaurant. It was crowded with guests. The friend was so hungry that she became very grouchy and on top she had to wait for a long time until the waitress finally came to their table. She then wanted to choose something from the menu that was sold out. The man told her:
“You remember that I have learned to materialize food. Do you want me to send you some materialized food? Not only can you do that for yourself, but also for others.”
She responded: “I do not believe it, but go ahead – I don’t mind” The man materialized food with a lot of energy and put the light food into the mouth of his friend. She didn’t really notice anything, but when the waitress of the restaurant came back to re-take the order, the friend said, “Suddenly I am no longer hungry.” She had only been drinking and left without eating solid food and was still in good spirits.

Afterwards this friend participated in the Path into Light as well. She was finally convinced. You can do things like that with your own system, your own levels of creation. Materializing light food with the throat chakra, is not the primary aim of the exercise. When I realize that if I can materialize light food that I can smell and taste and that fills me that I possess the ability to manifest other ideas in my life as well. That I can accelerate the process of them coming into my life more quickly than if I do nothing.

The Chakras – the third eye

I had great difficulty in my life, because I was a rational person and unable to imagine a lot of things. Though I was convinced eventually, when I learned to read thoughts with the brow chakra in the Path into Light . The aim is not to intrude other people’s minds, which goes against the divine laws, but to train one’s own perception.
When someone else thinks about something and I tune in with my third eye, I can tell what the other thinks. That’s pretty awesome. Once more, an area where the children are far ahead of us.

We make a game out of perceiving with children: we put three differently colored gummy bears into our pocket and hold the green out of the sight of the child and ask: “Which of the gummy bears, the yellow, the red or the green do I hold?” Then the child will intuitively be able to name the green in any case. That’s a little more difficult with us adults, which is why we have to regain our perception in a different way to develop our intuition.

The Chakras – the lotus chakra

Through the lotus chakra we connect with the Heaven and experience how it is, when we are completely in unity with our heaven, with the divine light, in unity with the flow of light. In the heavenly light, we can dissolve, it envelops and sustains us. Although it is a heavenly energy, we can stand with both feet on the ground to bring our heaven to earth. This exercise is preceded by transformational work of the resistances that prevent us from being free and light. We get a lot of tools that we can use to express our light in our life and to help other people.

Why am I here? My life task

The third section in the Path into Light – Day 5 and Day 6

The third part of the Path into Light shows us by means of many exercises and deep meditations, what it’s like to live in a liberated state. It is incredible and incomprehensible how participants change from the first day to the last day of the Path into Light. All participants are infinitely free, happy and learned so much for their own lives, that they can always stay firmly on the ground and are able to manifest. They arrive in their strength and courage, and are able to implement the ideas and visions which show up in their lives. They experienced to be at peace with life at all times and know how to get right back in peace should they ever fall out of it. The participants of the Path into Light know how to manifest love and to love themselves the way they are. To perceive the things in life in a new way and to be in their own connection to the divine light. In the conclusion of the Path into Light the participants are free to ask to be told their life task.

  • Why am I here?
  • Why did I incarnate on earth?
  • What is my task here on Earth?

I have told you about the Path into Light the way it bubbled out of me as a result of my enthusiasm. Every time I get to give the Path into Light and thereby go through it consciously myself – this miracle of miracles that has brought me to where I am today – I can only recommend to you:

Walk this Path into Light for yourself!

This is simply unbelievable great! It is one of the most wonderful seminars I know. I believe that the Path into Light fits exactly in this time in which we enter into a new era and in which we all want to change ourselves to be better able to accept and live ourselves.
Thank you.

Article by Joshua and impressions of the Path into Light for Spiritual Teachers

JoshuaTutzerAgni has developed the Path into Light and passed it on to his Spiritual Teachers. Few have experienced the Path into Light with Agni himself. The Path into Light has spread since the 90s. Many Spiritual Teachers give the Path into Light in various countries on all continents. In recent years a lot has changed and new energies enrich us. Things that we have experienced in a familiar way show themselves anew in a new altered quality. For that reason Agni gave the Path into Light for his Spiritual Teachers himself again.

In an intense and exhilarating week we were able to re-experience the familiar exercises from the Path into Light in a completely altered force. The energy has changed and has become much more powerful and profound. The immersion in one’s own being, the bond with heaven and earth, the communication with the spirit world, the support of the avatars, the expansion of the own chakras – all this has become more intense and real.

I myself have participated in the Path into Light in 2004 in the Light Center Centro di Shasima in Merano (South Tyrol / Italy). At that time, perceiving was extremely difficult for me because I thought, you have to see the subtle energies in the same way as the physical reality. Not even close. Over time I found my own way of perceiving. It has become closely intertwined with my everyday consciousness. My spiritual path continued after this intensive spiritual seminar and I attended the spiritual trainings of the Agni tradition, like the Alpha Chi – Live and Feng Shui Consultant, Training for Spiritual Teachers, etc.

The Path into Light had laid the foundation for this. I grew up Catholic and the Christian religion played an important role in my family. The messages of “believe” never reached my heart. The many Christian views got stuck in my head. They confused me because I felt a contradiction between the Christian doctrines and their implementation. It was a revelation to me to experience the qualities of spirituality and love in the Path into Light. Although I could not grasp anything with my understanding, I sensed infinite amounts of light and peace and I felt bliss. I experienced the spiritual companions, the avatars, like Jesus, close up. Years of religious instruction in school and the experiences as an altar boy didn’t convey nearly as much abundance of light, love and God consciousness like the six days in the Path into Light. I had experienced light, love and the avatars in my heart. Finally I could “grasp” light and love and sense it inside of me. That was the gift of my life!

Today I give the Path into Light myself, sometimes together with Insha. Through my origin and development I can well understand people who find it difficult to engage in this kind of spirituality. I am happy to be a bridge to connect the different worlds and to make them accessible to all.
The photo impressions show the Path into Light with Agni in April 2014 at Château Amritabha in Alsace. See the comments below.