Readings of the Akashic Records

Readings of the Akashic Records are “readings from the spirit world.” The Akashic Record is the universal library of life. It contains levels of knowledge that go far beyond the mundane comprehension. Many people want to know their potentials and their spiritual origin. A Reading of the Akashic Records forges a bridge from the origin until today. Many incarnations served our own development and influence us today. A Reading of the Akashic Record tells of the history of one’s own creation within the creation, the central experiences in major incarnations and the importance of the relationship with other people or spiritual companions. Coherences to the earthly life and your personality are seen in a wider dimension.

A Reading of the Akashic Record opens a great potential of energy for yourself. New spaces of consciousness open up. The personality becomes more present and clear. A Reading of the Akashic Record is the connection to one’s spiritual origin.
Personality traits become accessible. The unfolding of one’s own being is triggered. The Readings of the Akashic Records transmit the vibration of the confidence that one is capable to master the tasks and challenges of life.

A Reading can be ordered without expectations, without asking a specific question. The spirit world discloses information and energies corresponding to the own level of development. Occasions for a Reading may also be important questions to one’s own live. In this case, please submit questions in advance, so we can include them in your Reading.

When the own spiritual unfolding happens at a fast pace, then a personal reading of the Akashic Records can be read again. New aspects will become apparent in the course of the development.

Seminar Readings

With the use of Readings from the Akashic Record, new seminar concepts can be read, that have a deep relationship to the personality and the potentials of the seminar leader. New levels of knowledge are detected in the Akashic Record and find expression in the Reading. The knowledge from the Akashic Chronicle reveals new insights and horizons of development on a topic.
In the first step, you can order an abstract to any seminar topic of your choice without obligation. After you decide to order it, the entire seminar content is read in a Reading of the Akashic Records.