Buddha portraitMeditation has become ever more present in many media in recent years.

The need for peace and balance increases due to the increasingly hectic everyday lives people in the Western world are having.

But what is actually so fascinating about meditation and why is it becoming increasingly important in the present age.


The world of logic and reason

Our Western culture is characterized by reason and logic since the beginning of the 19th century, since the beginning of industrialization and rationalization.
In the Indian tradition, however, reason and logic are considered “Maya”. “Maya”, which is the world of external manifestations. In the Western world, people tend to get caught up in the physical manifestations of the outer world. This happens through attaching importance only to what can be observed and measured. From these observations and measurements we then draw our conclusions about the world and derive in turn regularities and physical laws, which then find their way into the textbook knowledge and knowledge of the universities.

Lernen SeminarThese derived laws are then used by society in the form of techniques, methods and applications. This form of knowledge has obviously proven itself, because it has helped many people to create new lives, to build new livelihoods, to free themselves from dependence on nature, weather or climates. The downside of this development is that the people are caught up in “physics”, in this scientific approach and have partly lost the connection to the spiritual realm. For many people, the spiritual is somewhat more difficult to identify and to feel as the coarse-material, that you can grasp and touch. Western man has today been reduced mainly to a rational man, and has lost some connections.

The East – Home of Spirituality – Meditation as a bridge

Buddhist statues in Tibet with holy Mount Kailash backgroundThis is very different in the Indian or eastern cultures. In the homeland of Buddhism, yoga and meditation, where the spiritual, despite industrialization and social change, is yet much more present than in the West, where certain spiritual directions have lost much of importance. Although industrialization and prosperity have entered, spirituality has kept a much greater significance.
Meditation has a long history and has been applied in many cultural and spiritual circumstances. It always revolved around bringing heaven to earth. It was always a state of absolute emptiness, of the consciousness of unity, which is devoid of anything, in which something new was created. Created in this case means the manifestation of new impulses of creation of one’s being, one’s own personality, one’s own spiritual completion. That is why meditation is so important in this day and age. It helps to re-build the bridge between the real physical world and the spiritual world. The spiritual world influences the physical world. In meditation, these relationships become visible to us. The big picture becomes visible in a consciousness of unity.

Meditation in Modern Times

Meditation in der ModerneMeditation gains more and more importance these days for people who feel that they lack something, without being able to define exactly what it is. However, many feel unconsciously and intuitively that meditation can connect them to what they believe they lack. They feel the need for silence, for contemplation and visit meditation classes, take a meditation training and listen to meditative music. This phenomenon will intensify in the coming years. Many people will recognize the value of meditation, will feel that their own consciousness, their own being can be filled with themselves, with something that they were separated from for so long. This can be felt directly through meditation, and through inviting it, it can find its way into the person meditating.

What do you get from meditation?

MeditationMeditation serves people in their alignment, with their own healing, with centering and focusing. It is also a bridge of knowledge connecting the material physical knowledge with the spiritual cosmic principles. For knowledge without input is a knowledge that will someday come to a standstill. Creativity and inventiveness always come from a spiritual plane, a plane away from space and time and the laws of physics.

Activating your own creativity requires an opening to the cosmos, to the spiritual world, the levels of spiritual knowledge and to the divine as well as our own heaven. “The divine heaven has no beginning and no end, it is everywhere. Our place in Heaven, the place that only belongs to us and that we cannot lose, has its equivalent on Earth within us, in our heart and our individual core. We can touch this divine heaven through placing our attention on the centre of our hearts. “This heaven in our hearts is the source of our inspiration and creativity,” says Agni Eickermann. In this place, outside of space and time, we are one with God and infinity.

Ideen aus dem KosmosIdeas come at regular intervals to the earth and find their expression through many people who have a connection to the spiritual world. However, many do not perceive the spiritual world as the origin of their inspiration, they would rather say they get their ideas in their sleep, in a relaxed moment or in everyday life. Many creative minds overflow with ideas without knowing exactly where these ideas come from, but there is always a channel, a connection to the spiritual, which triggers this inventiveness and creativity in humans. People who want to move forward on their spiritual path find one way in meditation. It is a way to center themselves, and a way to express their own being on earth through the connection to their heaven. Meditation is a method, a mediator, which connects the earthly and the spiritual.

What kinds of meditations are there?

Hand of the golden BuddhaAside from the high goals of unity and completion, meditation can also be goal-oriented. Whether it is a mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, dynamic meditation, healing meditation, a meditation for relaxation, autogenous training, a chakra meditation (e.g. Heart Chakra Meditation), prayer meditation, working meditation, concentration meditation or a guided meditation. There are many facets and possibilities of meditations. They may be used for a certain topic or a specific purpose such as a meditation for self-healing, a meditation for weight loss, a meditation to let go or a meditation for falling asleep.

A suitable meditation for beginners is for example a simple relaxation meditation, where you suddenly come into a state of mindful awareness through your breath and suddenly realize that you can bring the mind under control through breathing exercises, that you can disengage from the worlds of thought, that rule over you, to feel inner peace. It is important, even at the beginning of learning to meditate, that you intuitively, from the gut feeling, select the meditation, which is the most appropriate.

If someone has mental or physical discomfort of course he can compensate deficits through a healing meditation. He can invite the energy that the body or the soul lacks in form of the meditation to close information gaps in his own energy and consciousness system.

Work meditations can serve that one does the work mindfully without splitting mind and body when the mind is thinking of something else as the body works on. That means that we experience the unity of mind and body in the present in the work meditations. We are not separated from the body and mind, but the mind is the body and the body affects the mind in the situation.

The nothing in everything

You reach the highest form of meditation when there is nothing left in the meditation. When you dive into this deep ocean of emptiness, which is also the fullness and you unintentionally receive that within this energy, that is available to you in that moment. That means, one has then overcome personal feelings, expectations and goals and makes oneself empty and becomes a vessel which is filled by God and expresses what is planned by the divine in this moment for oneself. This form of meditation is a very high vibrational form of meditation.

How to meditate in the right way


When you choose your sitting position for the meditating, you can also follow your gut feeling. For beginners, a chair can be suitable, which allows for a good contact of the feet to the ground as well as a straight posture of the spine. For advanced meditators there are different possibilities such as the tailor’s, lotus or heel seat with meditation pillows, benches or without.

The energy of the meditation is always the infinite light of love, the divinity, the great spirit, the breath of God, the OM. Meditation is induced in many traditions through prayer or the citing of mantras.

A well-known meditation mantra in the Agnitraditon as part of the heart meditation is “God is love”. Since you unite with that which you meditate upon, hence “God is love” is a symbol for the unity with God in love and can lead to this state according to Agni Eickermann. The mantra helps with overcoming polarity, karma and entanglement. We are one and an expression of the love of the one.

The heart meditation, for example, takes place in three phases. We start with the recitation of the mantra “God is love” and keep repeating it until we are able to center ourself and enter the next stage of meditation. In the subsequent phase of contemplation, we enter into an increased energy level and realize that what we meditate upon is within us. The mantra “god is love” does not stop, but continues to go on. We can now get in touch with our higher self and ask questions and receive answers at this level. We can also send healing energies in this phase and lay hands. In the third phase, the actual meditation, we immerse deeply and become one with “God is love”. The existence of time and space ceases here. A non-polar state evolves in which we can expand and perceive our own heaven, the divine heaven and other worlds.

Becoming devoid of thoughts, desires and needs is the greater meaning of meditation. Listening and the freedom of expectations leads us back to ourselves.

Unity with Light

As a novice of meditation, it is useful to turn to a spiritual teacher who gives you an introduction into the meditation. Through him or her, we can learn to reconnect the chakras with one another in the flow and to concentrate on our heart. The meditation should become our daily discipline at the same time and if possible in the same place. If we keep this rhythm long enough, it becomes a natural part of our lives over time. Thus, in the long run, it can enrich our lives and create a home within ourselves, which is not involved in the world of thoughts and external sensory impressions. With practice, we can enter ever faster into meditative states and meditation becomes a process which basically never ends. Through the years of the practice we become constantly linked to our own heaven and find ever more depth and naturalness. That is why we should start today to practice it regularly.

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