Activation of the Self-Healing Forces

The first step in activating self-healing forces, is the conscious introspection: “What does this current life situation, this deficiency have to tell me?” The need for the activation of the self-healing forces is obvious, for example, if you have back pain, if you have a headache, when the body is exhausted, when you are just overworked, if you have sleepless nights or when you’re all churned up inside ….


Geranien Amritabha

Creation is complete. There are no shortcomings. Everything is complete.

Life means being allowed to decide

Life (the level of polarity) grants the freedom to decide between health and sickness, good and evil, light and darkness ….

spiritueller Weg -kerzeIn the polarity we human beings have the opportunity to take decisions at any time and to determine our own life path. Man can already decide on the higher level as a soul, what experiences he wants to experience. Thus man, as a complex being, has multiple dimensions of consciousness in which he can take decisions that affect his life. He can “chose” the influences, which ultimately – more or less time-displaced- enter his life.

Disease as experiential path of the soul

Disease is not always a blow of fate or something unjust that befalls a man, but is a world of experience. The experience of an illness can help people to gain new insights due to the limitations imposed by the disease, that he would not be able to acquire without this.

Human development occurs in a higher context.

Deficits and well-being, quality of life and health have always a larger context and a cause.

It is possible to ask oneself at any point in life: Where am I? What does this life situation, this disease, this deficit tell me?

The first step to unravel the mystery of self-healing, is always the question about my life on the inside: What have I intended to experience? Only through this focused introspection does one have the possibility to grasp the entirety.

Understanding the root cause of the disease

Road in dark forestThe introspection and investigation into the causes of a disease or deficit, has nothing to do with a treatment of the symptoms. The desire for health is present in many people and when one has a deficit, one wants to change it immediately. Not always does the need exist to really want to know why you are here. The strategy, not to deal with the profound cause of the disease, but to prefer to get rid of the symptoms instead, can lead to very rapid and effective solutions. However, applying this strategy several times, may mean that the learning subject is thereby pushed into the indefinite future and possibly shows amplified there. That means, if your life plan includes to touch certain worlds of experiences and reach a certain level of awareness, then it is of course important that you allow what life is showing to you and what it wants to teach:

“Recognize coherence and conquer realms of consciousness.”

Conscious introspection and acceptance


The first step to activate self-healing powers, is the conscious introspection: “What does this life situation, this deficit want to tell me?”


If you can not grasp that, because you are so separated from your own soul consciousness, then there is another possibility:



You build a loving connection with your heart chakra to the disease, to the pain, to the situation, that is seemingly clouding your own life flow. In this love we accept everything that seems hindering. We do not flee and try not to displace or push away what gets in our way. The first step is always accepting what is.

Accepting sets forces free, helping again to become complete because one understands the event or situation as an important part of one’s life. One is allowed to grant oneself the time to understand, what facets of disease or deficiency want to express themselves currently. Your own love helps to meet what you do not want to understand and overcome in that moment.

The disease has messages for us

backacheCreation is designed so that it seeks to communicate with us. We are surrounded by heavenly influences and influences of nature, that want to speak to us, communicate. This means, we must learn to listen to these low voices, that report to us in various life situations. If you manage to hear these low voices through your own love, then you can enter into a dialogue. You begin to communicate with the disease – you can “talk” with what hurts and what you don’t understand. The internal dialogue can change a lot. Because we sometimes think that a certain issue is only a “sideshow” or too gentle and unremarkable. The internal communication shows, which information are of relevance.

Take responsibility for self-healing

Verantwortung zur SelbstheilungThe internal communication with yourself shows that you take responsibility for yourself. The point is that you listen to yourself, accept yourself and give yourself space. This is an important impulse to trigger self-healing. Thereby you gain more space within yourself and a greater understanding for yourself and your life. Through internal communication you balance deficits and put together what belongs together. New energies can flow in and provide us with what we lack. Hope arises in this way, because chronic illnesses, chronic diseases and recurrent patterns that complicate life, often cause one to believe that one can no longer escape a certain fate or impasse and to be downright caught therein.

Chronic diseases and self-healing

Blonde junge Frau hat Kopfschmerzen oder ist deprimiertChronic diseases dull us. One finds no means, one has no solution more and you just can not remember how to get out of this impasse. It is typical of chronic conditions and patterns that are recurrent and even might accompany us already over several lives that they deaden us. A resignation takes hold of us because aid from outside wasn’t successful and all well intentioned advices from fellow human beings show no effect. Chronic ailments often come from the fact that one has chronically “not-listened”, and that one has a area in one’s mind where repressed events are stored. The chronic aspect of an illness is firmly established in oneself. Chronic turning a deaf ear is the cause of chronic recurrent diseases and patterns.

Helping people help themselves

Hilfe zur SelbsthilfeIt requires a loving, profound, spiritual accompaniment. With chronic diseases the key is to uncover a strong field of love deep in the consciousness to be able to accept and love all that one has suppressed so far from one’s own consciousness. We must then bring this old, repressed suffering and great pain, which one doesn’t want to see anymore to the surface and to look at it yourself. One must look at what lies dormant deep down and what needed to be expressed through the chronic conditions.

The inspection and listening is the most important step to initiate self-healing in chronic diseases or conditions.

The everyday form of self-healing

schmerzenThe need for the activation of the self-healing powers is obvious, for example, if you have back pain, if you have a headache, when the body is worn out, if you have just overworked, if you have sleepless nights when you’re too upset or overwhelmed from too many incoming energies. If you want to permanently improve your quality of life, self-healing is a simple assistance in daily life.

Self-healing through the connection with the own soul heaven *

Selbstheilung Insha

An easy way to trigger self-healing in oneself, is to connect to the own heaven, the soul consciousness, to one’s higher self. In one’s own heaven one has the awareness of health and completeness. In everyday life, you often have to restrict yourself, you have to make compromises, satisfy practical constraints and meet obligations. There are many different reasons why you “must” reduce yourself in everyday life or play only a certain role of your being.

The first step for self-healing, is that one invites his heaven in his body and his life daily and that one refuels from the own power source. The access can be found through the heart love that opens the door to one’s own heaven, creating a clear and genuine connection. This gate can also be a shelter, so that only that can enter your life, that is true and right for you, that suits you. You can refuel daily from your own heaven and be filled, if you have the courage to admit that you are a spiritual being and prepared to implement the life plan which you have devised in Heaven.

Impulse HeilenThe Heavenly impulses bestow health and strength, activate the self-healing, and change life itself. They influence life so that you can live your Heaven on Earth evermore. Refuelling energy from heaven therefore presupposes that you are willing to express your Heaven on Earth, to live your Heaven and to express your joy and your potential in the orientation towards your heaven. This decision brings sustainable health and wellbeing, awakens vitality and courage that come from inside.

The personal Heaven contains the power and the knowledge of your own health, it is the “personal pharmacy”. When you have deficiencies or health problems in the body, then your heaven always has the appropriate healing energy, which flows to the right place in your own energy system and which is the basis for self-healing.

The simplest form of self-healing is that you can connect daily with your own heaven and refuel there, that you invite the energies of completeness into yourself, and accept and express what the power of heaven wants to effect on earth.

*Explanation on own heaven: The own heaven is the complete oneness with one’s own soul. The own heaven is the own soul light. Each of us has a soul which contains all the information, talents and qualities. All that we are, what we’ve ever been and what we will be, is inherent in this heaven – in this soul light. Our heaven is our greatest potential, our greatest expression of love, our greatest expression of ourselves.