Healer Trainings – What is spiritual healing? Where lies its origin and what can it achieve?

Wellness - Kräuter und BlütenSpiritual healing is an ancient tradition and always fascinated mankind. In every culture, religion and tradition, there were people, that were called wise man, Mage, Priest, Shaman, Medicine Man, herbalist or other names who possessed special skills and were able to help people, to activate their self-healing powers. In the time before the advent of the traditional modern medicine these were the go to people for diseases, mental suffering, for everyday and spiritual questions. Through their skills and with the help of various rituals unexplained healing often occurred. Religious writings also report miraculous cures, an example is Jesus of Nazareth, whose outstanding healing results are written about in the New Testament. While modern medicine has often replaced the belief in the healing power of divine or supernatural powers and thereby the visit of the healer in the western world, there are still many in the traditional indigenous cultures today. But even in southern Europe in less urban areas, it is still not uncommon to consult healers.

What can be achieved through Spiritual respectively Faith Healing?

Heilpriester-heilende-HändeMany think spontaneously at this notion of laying or healing hands. But spiritual healing is more than that. A number of different techniques are often grouped together under this term, which are imparted in various Healer Trainings.

The oldest and most common form is certainly the laying on of hands. Who hasn’t seen a mother comforting her child by laying on of hands, when it has been injured or is suffering from stomach pain? The natural intuition of the mother soothes the pain and creates wellbeing. Similarly, it was when we were held by our mother and still to this day a loving welcome hug provides well-being. In all these encounters energy flows from one person to another – albeit often unconsciously. Laying has a millennia-old tradition. In recent years, an increasing number of Asian healing methods have become known in the West such as the Reiki treatment, Chakra Therapy, Pranic Healing and Therapeutic Touch, which are all based on the principle of energy flow.

Healing from a distance, through prayer and mantras

Japa Mala GebetsketteHowever, there are other forms of energy healing in which the direct contact with the client is not required. As in distant healing, where the healer and the client are indeed spatially separated, the energy, however, still flows over the distance  and is felt by the client as a tingling, heat, or the like. In all religious traditions we know healing through prayer and faith healing in which healers, patient and relatives together call for higher assistance. The power of prayer is now also recognized in modern medicine, since spontaneous healings have happened in this way. Also, the “mere” uttering of incantations for healing often shows an amazing effect and is therefore counted to spiritual healing. It is commonly known to utter incantations to charm away warts, but it also works for instance with lichen, allergies, migraine, gout and shingles. Also the use of spoken mantras and affirmations, can be counted in this, as they are said to release healing energy.

Spiritual Healing includes a variety of methods

RäucherschaleShamanism is also considered to be energetic healing or spiritual healing. A shamanic healer removes foreign energies from the aura and purifies it. He puts himself into a spiritual state of consciousness in which his soul can connect with the power animals and ancestors, from whom he receives the knowledge to recognize and remove disease. Oftentimes ritual objects are used to transmit healing energy such as ash, water, oil or stones. Also painted healing symbols are used here.
The Hawaiian Huna and Ho’oponopono as forgiveness ritual as well as communication with animals, family constellations, reincarnation therapy, kinesiology and partly radionics have now become popular methods of Spiritual Healing in the Western world.

But all these old and new methods for Spiritual Healing have one thing in common: They are a form of energy work. This healing work is created in the energetic range and shows up on the spiritual levels up into the physical. The healing happens through the power of love and not by the healer himself. It is important that the awareness of the client is addressed and is experiencing a growth process.

What is a healer respectively spiritual healer? How and with what tools does he work?

Beaming Reiki Healing EnergyA spiritual healer works on an energetic level with his clients and is trained in one or more of the above Healer Trainings or has unfolded his ability by himself. However, the term spiritual healer is not a protected term.
A spiritual healer works through unconditional love for his fellow man. The key is the “devotion” and “service to the people”. A spiritual healer sees himself as a Light worker and considers himself merely as a tool and not as the source of the change in the client. The less he is anchored in the “I-consciousness”, the more present he is, the better he can act as a healer. He works in a multifaceted and very intuitive way. Mentally he replaces the image of the “illness” with the image of “wholeness”. In general, the spiritual healer conveys vital energy (or so called “Ki, Chi, orgone energy, prana, universal, cosmic or divine energy”) in a specific way to the client. For this purpose he draws spiritual power through his crown chakra and Earth power through his root chakra in his own system, combines these forces in his heart and purposefully allows them to flow to the clients through the hands (or eyes). A spiritual healer understands himself usually as channel for an energy that he receives and forwards. This energy causes the energy flow in the body of the client, which was blocked, to flow again and therefore compensate imbalances in the distribution of energy. The chakras (energy centers) of the body can also be purified and strengthened so that the organs belonging to these centers, can become whole. The cleaning of the aura leads to the strengthening of the entire system.

Body, mind and spirit work together

Bouddha et Bien-êtreIn this way the healer can succeed to restore the unity of body, mind and soul after it was thrown out of balance. It is assumed that every disease, every symptom (whether mentally or physically) is the expression of an inner imbalance. One could also say that the client has forgotten the inner truth that he is complete and whole. Through the treatment the client can get back in touch with this inner wisdom, remember his completion and thereby implement the supporting regulatory impulses on the mental and physical level. Methods, in addition to the laying on of hands and prayers, can be chants, rituals, visualization and guided meditations as mentioned above. All of this can support the client in his personal development. In the alternative medicine, it is believed that the cause of most of the diseases lies in systemic stress, caused by repressed trauma, unresolved hardships, unexpressed emotions, unlived feelings, negative beliefs and a lost sense of life.

Identifying the origin of disease

Leben Vertrauen Gott VertrauenA good healer succeeds in advancing to the roots of the disease together with the client. This requires wisdom, patience, attention and loving devotion of the healer. The process of healing is usually a lifelong journey to wholeness. Basically healing means the recollection of the unity and wholeness and embracing what is most feared: fear itself. In the process of healing it is opened what was closed by the client and softened what is hardened and now disabled. During the healing session it often happens that one enters a timeless transcendent moment in which the presence of the divine is experienced. Healing means to trust life, be creative and passionate and to surrender oneself to the flow of life. All lights and shadows may be integrated, thus increasing self-knowledge – both in the healer and the client.

Healer Trainings: What are the requirements to become a Spiritual Healer and how can I take part in a Training at the INSHA-Academy?

Man in rainbow light and starsBasically anyone who feels drawn to it can learn Spiritual Healing in Healers Trainings. In fact we are all born with the ability of a sensitive subtle perception. Only that this is rarely used in our culture, let alone trained. Therefore, we also often believe that only a Spiritual Healer has rare special gifts that are only reserved to few people .

For the Healer Training at the INSHA-Academy it is enough to contact INSHA, the founder, in person or one of her trained Healing Priest Teachers. They can recognize which people have already worked with the methods taught by INSHA in times of Atlantis. Having already been a healing priest in Atlantis, is a prerequisite in order to remember this ancient knowledge during the Healer Training. The Healer Training at the INSHA-Academy ends with the graduation as INSHA Healer or Healing Priest. The knowledge about the new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius is conveyed through lecture, meditation, initiation and mainly through practical exercises. The participants work a lot together and thereby remember their old hidden healer knowledge from Atlantis during the training. As a result, the self-confidence of the prospective healers is strengthened and many feel, through the many methods to solve blockades by hereditary structures, fears and thought patterns and trained behaviors during the training often more powerful, joyful, healthier and more stable and can thus support other people. The Healer Training with INSHA is foremost a work on oneself, which then also affects others. The participants gain a deep insight into the true causes of disease, which are caused by the disturbance of the body-soul-mind balance. At the dawn of the Age of Aquarius these ancient healing methods become present again and the healing becomes more effective and gentle.

The spiritual development of humanity leads to new healing methods and visible evolution of consciousness.

Healing Priest – Healer from Atlantis awaken in the Aquarian Age


HeilpriesterThe Healing Priest Training at the INSHA-Academy exists already since 2002. The Healer-Priests serve the divine through their hands. The hands are organs of perception and lead us wherever we have to go to cause a difference. “Today’s Healing Priests have already decided in times of Atlantis that they want to work as Healing Priest again.” The entire Training takes place over 12 days, which is a “recollection” of one’s own abilities. Important healing already happens during the first two days in the participants: resolving the birth and death traumata often frees bound energies and strengthens the development of their own potential.
Over 600 Healing priests have been trained by international teachers of the INSHA-Academy.
The numerous positive feedback from participants testify of the great work of the Academy. Many hidden talents become visible and often a new meaning in life is found. This is also the experience of Sandolei Lang, a successful graduate of the Healing Priest Training.

“As if guided by a higher power, I came on my way. It was in summer when I suddenly experienced a huge delight in flowers. Before, I was always afraid to work with plants, because they all died on me. I thought to myself, I better leave the plants to the people who understand and take care of them properly. But this has changed … Today I love flowers and I’m perfectly happy in their presence. The various methods of healing gave me the opportunity to help my fellow man, our animals and nature. I began to perceive myself differently, to perceive the environment differently and the best thing is, I began to listen to my heart. More and more I could silence my head and follow my heart. My migraine attacks have decreased, now I am virtually symptom-free.”

A wonderful example of how one can heal oneself through the Training and afterwards others.

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