Spiritual Healing Trainings


A journalist once made me think with the following question:

„By now there are hundreds of ways of spiritual healing. What sets yours apart from others? What is different or special about it?“

For more than 10 years I have been teaching healers and shamans. I have always been sure that these healing trainings are different from any others. They are unique.

But what is it really, that sets them apart from the many other trainings? I thought about it for a long time and and now, can see it clearly.

They are outstanding, because I recognize you.

I recognize your deepest desire, which is born out of your origin. I recognize you as a healer or shaman. I’ve gained the ability to recognize the origin of the person within himself through the trainings I have undergone to become a healer. Being recognized will elicit a deep feeling within you. You are seen with your unique talents. Your own heaven opens up to you even more.
Through my recognition, you can recognize and acknowledge yourself.
This is the first step in your own healing.

„And what are the other differences to other healing trainings?“

You can see that the trainings are very short. This is on purpose. Your awakening happens through initiations, meditations and explanations. Initiations help you to open your heart more and more, to let your love flow. Meditations are lessons in the Alpha state, in which you can comprehend and reintegrate greater pieces of information. Initiation, meditation and explanation are followed by a practical component, in which you realize that what you’ve learned to do actually works.

In every lesson, you open yourself to your own knowledge, to confidence in your work and your perception. In these intense days, you find inner healing of old birth and death traumas, and you can free yourself from your parent’s karma.  Old blockages against your Self dissolve, your shadows show up and are transformed in the light. Consequently, those shadows no longer act as a mirror in your life, and you achieve more freedom with every day.